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Chapter 631 What Was He Mad About

  • Wen Ke watched Gu Yange closely. He seemed to be angry again.
  • Ever since she was discharged from the hospital and met him in the mall that day, she noticed something was wrong with this man. He disliked her and didn’t want to be with her, so she had seized every opportunity to create space for him to have enough freedom and privacy.
  • But why, instead of feeling free, did he become even angrier?
  • “You don’t like being with me.” Wen Ke gave him an entitled glance. “So I wanted to give you enough freedom and disappear from your sight, what’s wrong with that?”
  • Gu Yange looked at her. His eyebrows almost knitted together.
  • Wen Ke was all the more puzzled looking at his reaction. She frowned innocently and added, “I know my presence at the mall might have upset you and Lin Tingyao, but I’ve left sensibly. What happened after that was entirely out of my control. I appreciate that you’ve come to my rescue in public. I’m also thankful that in order to keep Qiaoge at ease, you’ve acted with me while leaving Ms. Lin behind.”
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