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Chapter 617 The Identity Of That Woman Is Not Important

  • Lin Tingyao was elated. Only God knew how important this moment was to her.
  • She was in a relationship with Gu Yange for three years.
  • During the whole duration of their relationship, they had no physical contact, except for a simple hug and kiss. His abstinence was astounding. He never flirted with her or showed her any affection.
  • If they stepped beyond the boundary tonight, then he would truly belong to her.
  • When Gu Yange did not move for the longest time, she panicked and circled her legs around his body. Then she reached out to remove his shirt.
  • “Yange, I know I ruined your wedding night. How about this? I’ll repay you with my body. I miss you. I missed you so much that I’ve been driving myself crazy for the past three years. Will you make me your woman tonight?” she said huskily.
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