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Chapter 160 Mrs Lu

  • When Lu Beichuan saw her expression, he was amused. He raised his hand and pinched her by the chin as he moved her face right in front of his. The man stared at her mirthfully.
  • "Are you contemplating whether you should give your blood or your body to help with my relapse?"
  • The next second, before Gu Qiaoge could react, he grabbed her by the waist and brought her to the bed behind them. The man lifted her dress skillfully and had his ways with her.
  • Gu Qiaoge's body was completely tensed up. She was pushing the man away instinctively. However, under his guidance, her body soon reacted to his embrace and trembled slightly.
  • The woman started to breathe heavily as she glared at the man above her in fury and embarrassment.
  • "Lu Beichuan, didn't you say that there are the old madam's personnel here? We must not do this..."
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