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Chapter 618 Are You Satisfied

  • Gu Yange wore a poker face. It seemed like his lost memory was not important to him because it did not affect his current lifestyle and mental state.
  • However, his gloomy smile betrayed him. “You’re not that woman, but you were by my side for three years. Please be assured that you will be duly compensated.”
  • After he finished speaking, he walked to the chair nearby and took his blazer. Then, he turned back to give her one last look and walked out of the door.
  • Lin Tingyao watched him opened the door. The realization hit her that her long-term plan had turned into nothing. The shock rendered her weak in the knees. Her body gave way, and she collapsed to the floor.
  • I refuse to accept this fate!
  • I was in a relationship with Yange for three years and did not win his heart. How could Wen Ke slipped in halfway and got his attention?
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