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Chapter 625 I Do Not Want To See Him

  • As Wu spoke, he realized he had crossed the line. Abruptly, he stopped and looked at Gu Yange nervously.
  • “My apologies, Mr. Gu. I...”
  • Surprisingly, Gu Yange did not move. He raised his head and looked at Wu thoughtfully, motioning the latter to continue. “What else?”
  • Wu was not sure of his thoughts, so he did not dare to say much. “I just think that compared to Ms. Lin, Mrs. Gu is more compatible with you. Is this why Mrs. Su fought tooth and nail to prevent you and Ms. Lin from being together and insisted on Mrs. Gu instead?”
  • Gu Yange listened to him quietly and did not speak for a long time. He lowered his head, and the expression he held was one of disbelief.
  • Wu still could not catch up with his thoughts and cautiously addressed him again, “Mr. Gu?”
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