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Chapter 421 Why Would He Do This

  • Gu Qiaoge felt her eyebrows twitch as she heard the scream. Her head spun to look at Yoyo's room as a bad feeling erupted in her.
  • Their gazes met for a second before they both bolted towards Yoyo's room, Master Su in front and Gu Qiaoge rushing to climb the stairs.
  • The door opened and Master Su stepped in. Both Yoyo and Nina were standing there seemingly fine.
  • However, what was not fine was the torn calligraphy artwork lying forlornly by Nina's feet.
  • Master Su's gaze sharpened as he frowned.
  • Before he could say anything, hurried footsteps rang out from the corridor and Gu Qiaoge rushed into the room. The first words out of her mouth was, “Is something wrong with Yoyo?”
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