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Chapter 100 She Will Never Love You

  • Lu Beichuan put his hand into his pocket and looked towards the direction Gu Qiaoge left. He shut his eyes and said with a compromising tone, "The person I want to marry would always be Gu Qiaoge. It has never changed."
  • Yun Yimian was stunned. After that, she jumped backwards and screamed in disbelief, "Impossible!"
  • "Beichuan, have you forgotten? She betrayed you. You hated her so much and she even slept with..."
  • When Yun Yimian met with Lu Beichuan's chilling cold gaze, she could not finish her sentence.
  • But she could not accept it!
  • She had spent countless effort for so many years to make the man her husband. How could she allow the dirty woman to win his heart?!
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