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Chapter 511 A Secret Of Lu Beichuan

  • Yange's eyebrows furrowed and he moved to chase after the figure.
  • From the car behind him, Gu Qiaoge loud voice urged, “Gu Yange! What are you doing still standing around? Get in here and drive, we need to go get Yoyo's things.”
  • Hearing this, Yange's footsteps halted and he turned around to look at Gu Qiaoge. There was a warning look in her eyes.
  • So, she knew.
  • “Hurry up.” Gu Qiaoge turned her head away, an embarrassed look on her face.
  • Yange hesitated on the spot for several more seconds. In the end, he went along with her and got back into the car. As he sat down in the driver's seat, he asked, “Where to?”
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