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Chapter 250 Rather Die

  • A fair face without make-up, a white long sleeve with a short jean as well as a tight curly hair and the droplets of sweat on her forehead.
  • The woman was catching her breath and it seemed that she had been running for quite some time.
  • When she heard what Lu Beichuan said, her eyes were a cold chill as she curled up her lips and asked, "Do you want my blood, or me?"
  • Lu Beichuan's eyebrows furrowed deeply and his eyes deepened. Countless emotions were clashing in his eyes.
  • "Why are you back?"
  • Gu Qiaoge stepped inside the room. When she saw the mess in the room, she looked towards Shobin and said softly, "I only know how to draw my blood for him. But I don't know what are the exact steps we should do when he..."
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