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Chapter 492 Already Knew This Would Happen

  • Gu Qiaoge's body swayed and she crashed back against the wall to support herself.
  • Lifting her head, she saw that Nina had already walked through the glass doors and was heading towards Lu Beichuan. Reaching the man, she smoothly wrapped her arm around his bicep.
  • “Master Su,” Nina's voice was soft as she spoke, “I feel like Ms. Gu is being a little overboard for excessively harassing you like this.”
  • Gu Qiaoge's gaze landed on the hand Nina had wrapped around Lu Beichuan's bicep and her face whitened.
  • Clearly noticing her reaction, Lu Beichuan's lip curled into a cold smirk and he lifted his arm to wrap around Nina's shoulders.
  • “It's true, I already have you. But what can I do? It bothers me too!”
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