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Chapter 260 Cannot Resist Taking Her Clothes Off

  • A tall man clad in a suit stood in the doorway, sizing Gu Qiaoge up and down before he spoke, “Gu Qiaoge, Miss Gu?”
  • Startled at first, Gu Qiaoge nodded her head lightly in response, “That's me.”
  • Acknowledging her response, the man turned his body to the side and pointed towards the room, “Miss Gu, please enter, Chairman Du and Chairman Jiang have been waiting long.”
  • Gu Qiaoge relaxed after hearing those words; she gave the man a smile with a nod and finally stepped into the room.
  • However, she stopped in her steps once she saw what was before her. The lights inside were dim, with billowing clouds of cigarette smoke.
  • Once where there was a sofa now stood a long glass table. The table held a lineup of white wine, red wine and foreign wine without a single wine glass.
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