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Chapter 161 Stop Right There

  • *Honk*
  • A loud honk was heard from outside the window and it interrupted Lu Beichuan.
  • The man's eyebrows were lowered. He released Gu Qiaoge and rose to walk to the French window. As he leaned forward and saw the car that drove slowly into the yard, his eyes dimmed and his face tensed up.
  • When the woman in the bed observed his reaction, she raised her head and asked softly, "What happened? Who is here?"
  • Lu Beichuan tightened his lips and answered, "The old madam."
  • Gu Qiaoge's expression changed. She pulled the blanket away nervously and jumped down the bed. As she bent over and picked up her dress to wear it, she asked Lu Beichuan anxiously, "What should we do? If the old madam discovers me, will she kill me?"
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