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Chapter 651 Forced To Sleep With Him

  • Before Lu Beichuan could finish his sentence he was interrupted by Gu Qiaoge’s giggles.
  • “Are you trying to say that Fu Liangsong is a huge threat to Yange because he’s too outstanding? While Wen Ke is so innocent and simple, she might fall in love with Fu Liangsong and when that happens, I will be deemed as sabotaging Yange instead of helping him. Is that what you’re thinking?”
  • Holding his head low, Lu Beichuan raised his brows at her noncommittally.
  • Gu Qiaoge was confident that nothing bad would come out of her plan.
  • “Although Fu Liangsong isn’t one who readily reveals anything about himself to other people, I’m sure he has some weaknesses that make him less of the perfect man we all thought him to be. Even if he really ended up falling in love with Wen Ke, he would need to have what it takes to snatch her from Yange too.”
  • “After all, no man, no matter how outstanding they are, could allow other men to be eyeing his girl. So, Yange will only acknowledge his feelings for Wen Ke when he senses danger.”
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