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Chapter 262 I Do Not Know If I Can Hold It In

  • A man who seemed to be the leader of the group forcefully kicked Gu Qiaoge by the knee, forcing her into a kneeling position on the floor as her knees throbbed with pain.
  • The men then grabbed her by the hair, took the red wine from the table and tried to force the wine into her mouth. Refusing to give in, Gu Qiaoge clenched her mouth tight like her life depended on it.
  • However, a few drops of wine still made it past her lips, the liquid burning her throat and irritating her stomach.
  • Not too far away, Chairman Du and Chairman Jiang were gleefully sitting down enjoying the sight before them, unable to hold back their snickering.
  • “This kid seems to want to keep her chastity much more than her stepmother did, but we'll see what she can do against that number of men. Ah!”
  • At the sound of the shout, a man raises his hand against Gu Qiaoge.
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