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Chapter 308 Your Scent Turns Me On

  • Gu Qiaoge lifted her head and reached out to take and open the red sandalwood box.
  • When she saw the contents of the box, she was so shock she couldn't move for a second.
  • Lying in the box was a silver dagger. With the blade exposed, it shined with a cold light.
  • Gu Qiaoge glanced sideways at Lu Beichuan who was lying next to her and absentmindedly asked Shobin, “Why would he give me this?”
  • Shobin bit his lips, “Young Master Lu said that it was very difficult to separate from you in these trying times. However, if he unconsciously laid his hands on you and hurt you, you can use this to protect yourself.”
  • Hearing those words, Gu Qiaoge laughed coldly.
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