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Chapter 287 Will You See Me When You Die

  • Gu Qiaoge firmly grit on her teeth, “I've already scheduled for an appointment for the abortion before I came back. I will not have a child that doesn't belong to Lu Beichuan.”
  • Saying this, she withdrew her hands and firmly looked towards her father, then clearly stated, “But I will never give Lu Beichuan up. These are difficult times for him. I must be there for him.”
  • “You!” Qiaoge's father was livid. His expression was full of pain and anger. He raised his hands and was about to hit her......
  • Gu Qiaoge remained motionless. She softly asked without blinking an eye, “That time when mother was in critical condition. She suggested multiple times for a divorce, out of her desire not to burden you. Why didn't you agree?”
  • Her father's hand froze mid-air. His eyes suddenly filled with tears, “Because she was my only wife! And you're my only daughter!”
  • “So what makes us any different then?” Gu Qiaoge calmly refuted.
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