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Chapter 31 Never Regret

  • "Back then, Ling Jiawen threatened me to let you go, threatening with your life as well as my father's and brother's lives. She forced me to sleep with a stranger. I was shut in a lightless room for an eternity, suffering every single day but I never gave up. I never gave up... I kept telling myself that I have a family. I have a man I love the most. I am able to exchange their lives with my sacrifice. And one day, I will find my most beloved Beichuan back."
  • "I have persisted a thousand and eight hundred inhumane days. As long as they choose to believe me, as long as they wait a little longer, we would reunite. Why did they choose to die? What do I get after suffering for so much all these years!?"
  • "Lu Beichuan, I have never regretted meeting you. For countless times, I have fantasized about marrying you and be your wife, giving birth to your children. But now we are not able to go back anymore. You have someone you love and you have an adorable daughter. There is no place beside you for me. You don't need me and I am not worthy."
  • The man was driving as fast as he could in the highway, overtaking one car at a time, leaving angry drivers behind him.
  • Lu Beichuan grabbed the steering wheel tightly and his face was a bloodshot. He felt that his lips were dry and he growled.
  • "Why did you not tell me that when I came back?"
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