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Chapter 47 You Are A Jinx

  • Gu Qiaoge was sent away by that strong slap. She almost lost her balance and she took a few steps back to stabilize herself. Her face was a pulsing pain.
  • Yun Yimian click-clacked toward in her high heels and looked down on her. Her gaze was sharp and fierce like fresh blades, peeling Gu Qiaoge's skin.
  • "Gu Qiaoge, I say this as the future Mrs. Lu, I do not mind that he fools around before marriage. But if he were to get into such danger for a woman, then she must die!"
  • Yun Yimian's eyes were filled with hatred and murderous intent.
  • But aside from Gu Qiaoge, everyone else saw an angry woman that loved her husband deeply.
  • "When Lu Beichuan left you and went back to the Lu family, everything was great. He had never suffered any kinds of accidents and misfortune. But ever since meeting you, his life was endangered for several times already. It is just lucky that he is alive!"
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