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Chapter 87 She Must Be Blind To Have Loved You

  • Gu Qiaoge stared intently at him and her eyes were misty.
  • "Lu Beichuan, this is between me and Yun Yimian. It has nothing to do with you and do not make me hate you!"
  • Lu Beichuan's eyes were a cold chill and a nameless emotion seemed to be building up inside. No one could tell what he was thinking.
  • After sometime, he said with a low voice, "Qiaoge, that is enough."
  • Gu Qiaoge felt a heart wrenching pain and her eyes reddened immediately. She felt a pulsing pain on her palm that slapped Yun Yimian hard as well.
  • "Lu Beichuan, she murdered my father and brother. She even wanted to bury me alive. Those were precious lives. Just because she acts piteously towards you and cries a little, you want me to let her go? How could you?!"
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