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Chapter 344 Returning A Lu Beichuan To You In One Piece

  • Gu Qiaoge was startled. She swiftly turned around to look at Lu Beichuan, “Why?”
  • She suppressed the sudden coldness that suddenly came from inside her and said in a peaceful tone before Lu Beichuan could spit another word, “I've said this before. I will never leave even half a step away from you before Huka says you've completely sobered up. Have you forgotten?”
  • She pointed towards Siyan as she continued, “Or could it be that with her by your side, you don't need me anymore?”
  • She is a woman after all. An exceptionally sensitive pregnant woman. Not only is he bringing Siyan for the travel instead of Shobin. He's also leaving her behind.
  • It was hard for her not to think negative thoughts.
  • Furthermore, having a woman's sixth sense inside her makes her reject Siyan even more, since she suddenly appeared as well.
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