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Chapter 286 The Danger Of Facing Death At Any Time

  • “Multiple personality disorder and mental deterioration......” Gu Qiaoge mumbled softly as she felt a strong twitch in her heart.
  • Finally, she closed her eyes, and asked softly, “How long, before he gets better?”
  • The doctor beside her pursed his lips, paused for a while, and stated slowly, “Until there is any symptomatic drug that is being produced, Mr. Lu can only remain in this state. Over the years, not only will it not get better, but he may even...... face death.”
  • Hearing this, Gu Qiaoge's eyebrows trembled. Her face was instantly pale.
  • Never had she ever thought that one day, a word as terrifying as “dead” would be so closely related to Lu Beichuan.
  • Upon hearing this, Beichuan's mother could no longer hold in her emotions. She suddenly covered her face and started sobbing, “How could this be? He's still so young, he's not even 30 years old. It's all my fault! If only I knew what he would be going through, I'd never have brought him into this world......”
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