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Chapter 641 He Did Not Want To See Her

  • Lin Tingyao felt that her words weren’t harsh enough and was afraid that Wen Ke would retort. So she added through gritted teeth, “Wen Ke, you’re a smart woman. You know what I’m talking about. Yange’s condition is stabilized now. He doesn’t want people or things he doesn’t like to affect his emotions. If you understand what I said, leave this place right away. Stay away from this hospital!”
  • Right after that, she reached out and pushed Wen Ke. Then, she quickly turned and pressed the elevator button.
  • Wen Ke stumbled and steadied herself. She subconsciously tried to step forward but her feet were rooted on the spot.
  • She could have chosen to snap back at Lin Tingyao or ignore her presence.
  • But Gu Yange had never given her the confidence and courage to do so.
  • She could almost imagine the scene where she appeared in the same room as Lin Tingyao, and Gu Yange treating them in completely different manners.
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