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Chapter 650 I Will Help You Achieve Your Dream

  • Wen Ke stared at Gu Qiaoge somewhat puzzledly.
  • “Qiaoge, what’s in your mind?”
  • With a smirk, Gu Qiaoge raised a meaningful brow at Lu Beichuan next to her before pulling Wen Ke along as she walked forward.
  • “You’ll just have to do as I say.”
  • Instead of telling Wen Ke about the plan, Gu Qiaoge cast her a sympathetic glance and sighed, “Ke, you’ve settled down in Feng City for such a long time but I’ve been too preoccupied with trying to help you patch things up with Yange that I’ve neglected other important stuff.”
  • Eyeing Gu Qiaoge skeptically, Wen Ke concluded that Gu Yange was not the only one who had been acting erratically lately because Gu Qiaoge had been behaving mysteriously too.
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