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Chapter 477 I Never Want To See You Again

  • “Is that why you have been toying with me so unabashedly? Shaming me with no respect at all? You think I am just some dirty and cheap woman?” Gu Qiaoge asked with a bitter smile.
  • “The joke is on me for comparing you to my Beichuan.”
  • “How can I be so dumb?” Tears betrayed her smiling face as she stood up shakily while leaning on to the wall beside her.
  • Master Su's jaws clenched tightly as he gazed fixatedly at Gu Qiaoge.
  • As she stumbled, he intuitively reached out to grab hold of her with his arm but she backed away from him and avoided him like the plague.
  • She stood still momentarily as she tried to slowly regain her bearings before bending down to pick up the scattered pills, discarding them into the bin.
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