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Chapter 545 You Have No Choice But To See Her

  • Suddenly being touched by an unfamiliar woman, Lu Beichuan's expression stiffened and he instinctively grabbed hold of the woman's arm before moving to shove her away from him.
  • Standing by the door to the café, Gu Qiaoge was shocked as she stared at what was happening with wide eyes.
  • She had thought that Lu Beichuan would shove the woman away from him.
  • But the woman lifted her head and said something to Lu Beichuan which caused his movements to halt and a shocked expression to appear on his face.
  • Watching from afar, Gu Qiaoge felt her heart skip a beat as an uneasy feeling rose in her.
  • The woman let go of Lu Beichuan's arm but did not move away, her head still tilted upwards as she continued to speak with him. She was clearly agitated and was shivering violently.
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