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Chapter 8

  • Lexi’s POV
  • I get in and start to take my shower and boy this feels like heaven. There are 3 different water spouts in this tile shower. There is clear glass that goes around the side and all the way down the length of it. I swear four people could easily take a shower at once in here. I wash my face, hair, and body. I use the razor that I see laying in the shower. Oh well I hope he doesn’t mind. I run over my underarms, lady area, and my legs. Turning off the water and grabbing the towels I wrap my hair and body with them. I start to brush my teeth with the new tooth brush I found in the linen closet. I brush out my long hair, and make my way towards the bedroom. I didn’t see Luca so I ran into his closet and grab the first dress shirt I saw and threw it on. It takes me about 10 steps before I pounce on the bed. As I lay there breathing heavy since I rushed thru my shower and tasks following after. I realized how tired I am. There is a chill in here so I get under the covers and lay me head down. I wondered where Luca could have gone to. I close my eyes thinking I’m just resting them, and fall asleep. That is until a very pissed off Luca wakes me up by yanking my ankle and pulling me towards the edge of the bed.
  • Forgetting where or who I was with I start to freak out. Being woke up and not giving me any time to adjust I do the first thing that comes to anyone in this situation I fight instead of flight. Raising my foot up I start kicking in his direction. I know I landed a good solid kick when the tugging on my ankle stops and I hear someone growl. Reality comes back to me and flight takes the place of fight. ‘Oh, fucking hell what the fuck did I just do? It wasn’t my fault I woke up scared. Apologize to him you stupid bitch.’ “Luca I’m so sorry, I just woke up and forgot where or who I was with. I did the first thing that came to mind and that was fight. I wasn’t fully awake and wouldn’t have done it if I had been.” Getting enough nerve, I glance up and see his face the color of a tomato. He’s pissed. Hell, welcome back tremors. I’m shaking all over my body now, and try to nonchalantly scoot back towards the head of the bed. Bad idea, Luca throws all his body weight on top of me and wraps his hands around my hair. “I can see that your eager to get straight to your punishment. Who the fuck told you that you could dress? When you are in our bedroom, I want you naked at all times.” He snarls at me while ripping his own shirt off of my body.
  • Speechless yet again. Luca rises off of me and grabs a fist full of my hair making me stand with him. He orders me to undress him, still flabbergasted at his words I don’t move. “Fine, have it your way than. I was trying to be easy on you, but you don’t seem to comprehend that I’m now in charge of you.” He screams out at me while dragging my body over to the couch. He throws my body over it where I am laying stomach down. He pushes my face into the cushion more, my ass is on full display. I have no underwear on so, he can see all my lady bits right now. My face turns bright red from embarrassment. I don’t try to struggle not wanting to antagonize him more. Laying face down I wonder what is he doing, but then I hear the sound of his belt. He took off the belt he was wearing and now is holding it in his free hand. “I told you from the very beginning that I wasn’t a nice person. You should have chosen to go with Gregor. When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it Johnny on the spot. I don’t have patience and your lesson today will teach you. I’m a man of my word.” He calmly said to me. The next second I hear a ‘whooshing’ noise. Then I felt the leather of his belt assault me across my ass. I gasp at the pain as it starts to take over the scaredness I was once feeling. He releases volleys of brutal smacks, over and over again. Trying to hold back the pain, not wanting to give Luca the satisfaction of knowing that he is hurting me. I kept telling myself ‘You can do this Lexi, just a few more strikes and he will be tired. Don’t cry!!’ But even my motivation speech to myself didn’t deter the tears and pleads that began. “Please Luca I’m sorry, I’ve learned my lesson please stop.” I begged between sobs. I’m not sure of how long he peppered my ass with his belt before he finally stopped. By this point I was full on wailing, my butt stung. The fucking dickhead starts rubbing my ass with his rough hands. His manhood was fully erect and poking me in my thigh. “Your so damn beautiful with whelps from my leather across your red ass. Now I’m going to give you another chance to fulfill my previous request. I’m not going to say it again because I hate to repeat myself. If you can’t or don’t remember what it was, you’ll go back over the arm of this couch yet again and receive a more brutal lesson then you just got. You have ten seconds.” Knowing what happened right before I got brought over here, I instantly start to unbutton his shirt, then pants, I bend over and take off his shoes and socks. Sliding his pants down and boxers down his tanned legs and off him, I glare up and see his hard on. His cock has to be one of the biggest I have ever seen before.