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Chapter 28

  • Lexi’s POV
  • “So, can I get the two of you anything to drink or eat?” I ask them. They both shake their head. “What are the two of you doing here than?” I had to ask. “Luca told us to meet him here. He must be running late.” Marco answers me. “I haven’t seen him in over two months, are you sure that he said here and not his other estate where him and Kat live?” They both don’t look at me or respond. I notice what time it is and pull on my jacket grab my purse and head out the front door. As I’m getting into the SUV parked in front of the house, I see Luca pull up. He’s not here for me so I just tell the driver let’s go. When we start to pull off the horn blows behind us and my driver stops. I hear a car door slam and peer over my shoulder to see a pissed off Luca trotting my way. I take a deep breath and wait; he opens the door and climbs inside. “Where the fuck are you going all dressed up?” He spits out at me. “I have a doctor’s appointment today, mother called and let you know over a month ago. I’m going to be late if we don’t leave now.” I respond back to him. He hollers out “let’s go,” to the driver while keeping his eyes on me.
  • “You are going with me, why? I haven’t seen or talked to you hardly in six months. All of a sudden you show up and jump in here and want to go to an appointment that you clearly care nothing about, or you would have remembered it.” I hatefully say to him. He reaches over and grabs me yanking me towards him. He lowers his lips to my ear and tells me, “It looks like I have been neglecting my duties. Seems like you’ve forgotten your place around me, but don’t worry I’ll make sure to rectify that problem as soon as we are back home. Watch your fucking mouth bitch, before I whoop that very plump ass of yours. Now tell me how much you’ve missed daddy.” A lonely tear falls down my face, I wipe it before he can see it. Before I know what is happening my mouth is moving and words, I have pushed down for so long are coming out, and I can’t stop them. “I’m not the one who has forgotten their place. What’s the matter you and your little whore Kat get into a spat, so you decide to come pay your poor pitiful wife a visit. Well guess what I’m just fine on my own. I’ve gotten use to you not being around when I needed you the most. To share the joy and the burden of caring around your heir. So, please don’t do me any favors by gracing me with your presences.” ‘Holly shit, what the fuck did I just say to him. Yep, I’m in trouble.’ I tell myself.
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