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Entanglement Between Mafia Don & The Country Girl

Entanglement Between Mafia Don & The Country Girl

Renee Lawrence

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Lexi’s POV
  • “Ugh, the gas light just came on again. At this rate we won’t have enough money to buy any food with!” I complained to Kristen. “Well as soon as we get to New York, we can find a job. Marco said we had a month before we had to help him pay rent. I’m sure he’ll have some food there that we can eat. Besides he’s the one who invited us to come up here. Everything will work out you’ll see.” Kristen answered me. “Invited you to come up here, not me. The only reason why I’m here is because you don’t have a car. He wasn’t really excited about me tagging along. The only reason he didn’t say no is because he is trying to hook back up with you.” I stated. I glance over at my best friend and think ‘who wouldn’t want to rekindle a relationship with her. She is beautiful she has brown hair that flows little past her shoulder blades, piercing blue eyes, big perky boobs, and a thin waist.’ The car got quite after that, and I hate the quiet. I started thinking ‘maybe this isn’t the smartest idea. I’m only 21 and I’ve packed my clothes and moving to New York with my best friend. It wouldn’t be so bad if we both wasn’t broke, or the fact that we’ll be staying with her ex. Shit maybe we should turn around and go back home.’
  • Not being able to hide my freight I voice my thoughts out loud. “Kristen are you sure this is a good idea. Maybe we should go back to Alabama? Even though you’ve lived in a big city before I haven’t. I’m a country gal, from a small town. Do you honestly think we can make it in a big city? Plus, what if Marco gets tired of us, and he kicks us out. What the hell would we do then?” Kristen thinks for a minute before responding, “Lexi was you happy stuck in that rinky dink town. You’ve always said the one place you wanted to go was New York City, so we’re going. As far as Marco goes, let me worry about him. Now quiet stressing, because we are going to have the time of our lives.”
  • Pulling in at the next gas station to fill up the car with gas. The GPS says we’re exactly one hour away from our destination. I let Kristen drive the rest of the way while I slept. “Lexi wake up we’re here,” is the first thing I hear when she shakes me awake. Bolting up in my seat so I can see my surroundings. My eyes take in the tallest buildings I’ve ever seen. The sidewalks are bustling with people, and the streets are full of cars bumper to bumper. “It’s just like what you see on tv. Oh, my goodness I can’t believe we finally made it.” I squeal out to her. Kristen parks in front of a deep red brick building that has a canopy coming off the building to the edge of the side walk. There is a door man dressed in a matching suit with white gloves standing beside the entrance. I can tell right off the bat that his apartment was fancier then what I expected. She picks up her phone and calls Marco. I hear Kristen tell him, “We are here where do you want us to park the car? Ok I pulled right in front of the door. We will wait here for you.” She hangs up the phone then looks at me and informs me that, “He’ll be down in a minute. He is bringing someone to help with the bags. Also, he will get one of his men to park the car if that is ok with you.” Nodding my head, I reach for the door handle and get out of the car. “Pop the trunk,” I excitedly.
  • Climbing out of the car I start to stretch my legs and arms before heading to the back of my old Mazda MX 6. I start unloading my suitcases. Lost in my own little world I didn’t notice someone walk up next to me. When I felt a hand grab a hold of my arm I panicked. Scared shitless I do the first thing that comes to my mind. I throw a punch right at his throat. I hit my target dead center. I’m about to knee him in the balls when I hear. “Lexi stop that is Marco.” Stunned I quickly start apologizing “I’m so very sorry. You scared me so I just reacted.” Rubbing his throat, he has a huge Cheshire grin on his face. It makes me feel less awkward. Standing there taking in his appearance I think ‘wow he is fucking hot as hell.’ Marco is wearing a black suit that looks like it was made just for him. He has strong jaw bone tanned skinned, short black hair that is slicked back. Big beautiful brown eyes, with perfect white teeth.
  • Marco turns around and engages with the three men standing behind him. Telling them to “get the bags out and someone go park the car.” He leads us inside the apartment building while the door man held the door open. Walking into the central area it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The floor and walls are huge tiles made of white marble. There is a Bohemian Crystal Chandelier in the middle of the room. To the right there is a huge concierge desk and behind the desk is a door marked security. We walk straight to the elevators, and ride up to the top floor the pent house apartment. ‘Oh, shit the pent house. I can’t remember what Kristen said he done for a living. I have to ask her again. How in the hell are we going to afford to live here.’