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Chapter 20

  • Lexi’s POV
  • Not wasting any time fooling around since we already got that part out of the way in the SUV. He undoes his pants and pulls his boxers down to his ankles. He rips off the thong panties I am wearing and throws me over onto my stomach. He places two pillows under my stomach so my ass will stay up in the air. Not even checking to see if I am wet or not, before thrust his one-eyed monster inside my already wet channel. He doesn’t stop until he is fully seated within me. I let out a yelp from the abrupt entrance. “Damn baby you always feel so dang good. My cocks always want to be inside you. I could just about cum already from the suspense of having to wait before I had you. Your mine I shouldn’t have to wait, from now on, I’ll make you take this dick wherever we may be. I don’t give a damn if it’s in front of your family, or fucking strangers. I will never wait so long again before having you. I fucking own you. You’re my whore.” He spat out at me while picking up traction and having his way with me like a barbarian. All I am able to do is close my eyes and take the painfully rough strokes he’s providing me. His fingers have dug into my skin so hard I know there will be bruising. He wraps his hand around my hair and yanks me back. Then starts to pounding me, not caring that it hurts like hell. I let out a string of pleas, when the pressure becomes too much. “Shit Luca please that hurts, please baby. “I meet with a hard smack to the face, and him telling me “Shut the fuck up, and take it. You know you like it when daddy hurts his cunt. You shouldn’t have made we wait for it. I’m about to teach you who really owns this pussy right here.” His head leans down and he bites the fuck out of my shoulder.” I scream out in pain and starts laughing. “I love it when I hurt you, can you feel how hard my cock gets.” Then he repeats his action on the other, by sinking his teeth in my shoulder and latching on. He doesn’t release his bit; his hand starts swirling my clit around and around. I explode in an earth-shattering orgasm. I’m hollering out his name the whole time. Upon feeling my juices squirt all over his cock, it makes him fill my belly with his cum. Wanting nothing more than to relax right now, but can’t really sucks. I’m still panting laying on the mountain of pillows beneath me.
  • Luca jumps up and pulls his pants up, and struts to the bathroom. I check the clock to see how much longer I have to stay like this. Six more minutes before I can move. I haven’t said anything to Luca, but I’m actually late for my monthly. I haven’t had one since we’ve been together. I’ve been here right at a month now. The last one I remember having was way before we left to come to New York. If he found out I was trying to avoid taking a test, there isn’t any telling what my punishment would be. I clear my throat when he walks back in the bedroom. “Hey babe, I got to thinking just now that I still haven’t had a period since I’ve lived here. The last one I had was way before Kristen and I moved here. Which my monthly’s have always been a little crazy coming on different days, but never had I went this long without having one. I just wanted to let you know, I don’t think I’m pregnant or anything. I mean what are the chances of that happening that soon. It takes some couples years, before they actually conceive a baby. Oh, times up,” I say while raising off the bed headed to the bathroom.
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