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Chapter 5

  • Lexi’s POV
  • Kristen who witnessed the whole scene was strangely quiet beside me. I was shaking from fear and anger that I was currently experiencing. Rushing into the VIP room makes everyone’s head jolt up. Noticing the look on my face Marco rises up and asks “what happened.” Knowing there would be no way to hide what went down I still keep my mouth shut. Kristen on the other hand doesn’t, her lips fly open and she spills all. Every one of the men looked shocked, but all had grins on their faces from ear to ear. After the big mouth got done disclosing everything she seen, Luca stands up and for the first time talks directly to me. “I want you to explain everything that was said between the two of you!” The grin that he held not even two minutes ago was now gone and anger has taken up its place. I confessed my side of the story, and when I was done, I stood in front of these men I just met and was scared. No body speaks for a minute then all of a sudden Luca of all people bust out loud with laughter so great that it instantly would make anyone standing close to him laugh along with him. Stunned at what I was witnessing, I started to speak “so, does this mean that you’re not mad at me? I would say that I would apologize to Gregor, but there isn’t no way in hell I think I could or would.” Enzo is the one to answer me, “no I don’t think boss man is bad at all. It’s about time that a woman stood up to him. I just wish I could have seen his face.” Right after Enzo got quiet there was loud noise coming from outside the door. It slams open and in walks Gregor with his two goonies following behind him. He starts yelling at me “come here you little bitch. I’m about to fuck some manners right into you.” Not wanting to involve people I don’t know into my drama I step up and snarl at him “your about to be sorely unhappy, because the only thing you’re going to be fucking is maybe your fist. Unless you can go find someone dumb enough to want you. Or maybe you’ll have better luck forcing them then what you had with me.” Gregor takes a step forward trying to intimidate me, and I can’t lie he’s doing a good job at it. I still don’t move though if I did it would only provoke him more thinking I’m scared of him. Before he can advance any closer to me Luca steps in front of me and tells him, “Gregor I don’t know what you think is about to happen, but I can assure you that you won’t be laying a finger on her. It happened at my club, so I am within my authority to be the one to punish her. I can give you my word that the punishment will be as serve as the crime was.”
  • Gregor didn’t want to relent his mission to get me within his grasps. There isn’t any telling what he might do to me if he did. I swallow the lump in my throat as soon as I heard the word punishment. “See to it that you do. Or you can just let me take her off your hands. Hell, I would even be willing to pay you for her. She’s nothing to you, you said as much. How about I give you $200,000.00 and you let me walk out of her with her. It’ll be the easiest money that you would ever make.” Gregor said to Luca. My mind starts to tell me to run and hide, but the only way out is by Gregor and there is no way in hell I’m going anywhere near him. My liquid courage is starting to ware off. Luca turns his head around and looks from my head to my toes then back up and stops at my lips. ‘What the fuck is he doing? It looks like he’s debating rather or not he should let him take me. Shit, I surely screwed myself this time. Why wouldn’t he take Gregor’s money, he doesn’t’ know me nor does he owe me anything. I’m actually bringing drama to his front steps.” This time I am the one to make an advancement towards Gregor, while asking him “if I come willing will this whole thing be dropped? It’s my actions that cased this ruckus, so it’s my responsibility to clean my own mess up.” Now Gregor looks intrigued and surprised at the same time by my question. “Yes, you leave with me now then we all can act like this never happened.” Without thinking I walk straight towards him, but I keep walking making my way out of the room to the elevator. To be such a big guy Gregor sure can move fast. I didn’t even hear him approaching me from behind. Once he reaches me, he locks onto my arm with a firm tight grip, which I am glad he did because my knees could have given out any second.
  • When we exit the club, I see three black SUVs parked right out front. He marches us to a man that is holding the back door open of the middle SUV. Not caring if he hurts me or not, because he instantly throws me into the leather seat. I quickly scatter towards the bench seat in the very back trying to put distance between us. “Where is that smart mouth now? It seems like you can only run it when you think I couldn’t get to you. Let me tell you a little secret I actually like that mouth of yours. I’ve got big plans for it tonight that involves being wrapped around my cock.” Gregor spat out to me. Not being able to hold my tongue I glance up and say “I hope your stupid enough to bring your cock anywhere near my mouth, because I’ll bite it off. Why wouldn’t I what else do I got to lose? Let’s see if you’re going to be brave enough to follow thru with your plans. When you have a huge chunk missing causing you to have any disformed cock, don’t say a girl didn’t warn you.” I smirk at him. I feel a slap across the side of my face that flings me back into the seat. Trying to hold the tears that are threating to fall at bay, I don’t want to let him know that his slap affected me at all. So, what does my stupid ass do I wink at him, why couldn’t I learn at a young age that you don‘t poke a mad bear. Which is exactly what the fuck I just did. He dashes towards the back seat where I am seating and grabs ahold of my throat. With all the air being cut off I start to see black spots in my vision. I barely make out someone talking before I feel air hit my lungs again. Coughing and scrambling backwards as far to the side of the SUV I can get my hands find their way to my throat. I only look up when I hear people talking again.