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Chapter 116

  • Lexi’s POV
  • Luca, Matteo, and I are all three standing in front of Kristen’s bedroom door. Luca raises his hand and knocks. Kristen yells out, “come in.” So, he opens the door. He strolls in the bedroom still carrying Matteo on his chest. I stand where the door is blocking me, so she can’t see me. I can’t help but want to hear how she addresses him. “Hey Luca baby I thought you were going to come back last night and stay with me. I waited for you to return. Finally, I fell asleep knowing that I needed to get some rest for the baby.” She pauses before she continues. “Why do you have Matteo with you. Couldn’t Lexi watch him, or is she not capable of taking care of all of your children. This further more proves my point about Lexi not being the right kind of wife you need. If it were me then I wouldn’t put off the task of taking care of the babies, when that is the one and only thing that I have to do all day. She has always been a lazy person. Here why don’t you give him to me, and that way you can go relax while I put him down to sleep.”
  • I can see a see a shadow on the wall moving toward Luca and Matteo, and the thought of her putting her grubby hands on my child, makes me irate. I step into the room, and surprise her. She stills with the words that come out of my mouth. “Touch either one of them and I swear I will break your fucking hand. Just so you know I didn’t ask Luca to take Matteo. He is the one who took him out of my arms. But so, what if I had it’s his son. I always knew that you were pity, but I never would have believed that you would turn on me. And for what a title, you lost someone who truly loved you for all of you even the fucked-up parts, because you couldn’t stand for me to have what you desired. I do know one thing you better pray to the good lord for you being pregnant right now, or I would beat the shit out of you. Now, let me just tell you the reason why we are here. That that is to kick your husband stealing ass out of my house. This will be the last time that you will ever talk to my husband again. And if that baby you are carrying just so happens to be his then, we will figure out a way for all three of us to be in their life. Now Marco should be here right about now to get your ass. Which you don’t have very long there either. As soon as everyone finds out that that child is neither Luca’s or Marco’s what do you think will happen to you? Kristen you should have thought about all the consequences of your actions before you made them.” I turn to face Luca and continue. “Is there anything else you would like to add on that I may have missed?”
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