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Chapter 626 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Austin's eyes filled with anticipation. and he was struggling with Cora to eat. I "Mmm, okay!"I Cora nose was a little sour. This man did not care about him like this, but he cared so much about her. I Everyone said that a woman could be a queen for ten months when she was pregnant. Now, she felt like she was the happiest queen in the world. I Hearing the sound coming from the kitchen, Cora smiled brightly. She had not been happy for the first half of her life. but ever since she was with Austin Lancaster, her life had become exceptionally happy. I Because of the fear that Cora would be uncomfortable to smell the smell of cigarettes. Austin Lancaster was closed tightly. I He put his food in the microwave and pressed the switch to heat it. Then, he carefully prepared the noodles for Cora. In order to make nutrition more complete, the ingredients he prepared were very nutritious.I Eggs, spare ribs, vegetables .... Austin Lancaster put all the ingredients down one by one. Although Cora's body was much better than before.
  • it was still worse than the average person. so he did not put seafood, and he was afraid that seafood would cause adverse reactions.I The hot noodles were quickly prepared. Austin took the chopsticks and spoon and carried the noodles out of the kitchen.I "Cora, you can eat noodles." As he came out of the kitchen. Austin Lancastersaid to Joe's Cora, but he did not get a reply.I Austin Lancasterwas nervous, afraid that what had happened to Cora.l Maybe it was a critical time. He couldn't let her have any problems. I He carried his noodles and walked a few steps. His gaze quickly fell onto the bed, only to find that Cora had fallen asleep.l He exhaled heavily, but fortunately. he was too worried, thinking that what had happened to Cora!! Putting his face to the side and looking at the way Cora slept soundly, he could not bear to disturb her. However. the noodles were made in vain. When she woke up, the noodles were already unpalatable.
  • I "It looks like it's god for me."I Compared to the cold dishes that were heated, this noodle was obviously more appetizing. Austin Lancaster quickly ate the noodles, and his already empty stomach was replenished. Apart from being a little sour, this noodle tastes good. I It was already night when Corawoke up. Seeing that she was awake, Austin Lancaster immediately came to her side. I "Cora you awake?"I Cora, who had just woken up, was still a little confused, but she felt warm when she saw the caress of Austin Lancaster, and she could not help but smile.l "Are you always there?"I Austin nodded. He was always guarding the side.I He must be very bored. She was already asleep, and he didn't even have anyone to talk to. "I "Don't you feel bored?"I She could not help but ask, although she felt very happy about letting a man take care of her, she felt aggrieved by the fact that he was Austin. After all, he was Chief Lancaster. When she met her, he became a babysitter.
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