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Chapter 247 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • She laughed and looked at Robert’s painful expression. Her son was his, which valued better than Cora. “Daisy shut up!” Robert was panting and the face turned red.“You told me to shut up, it’s impossible, Robert, you’re pathetic. Cora doesn’t love you anymore. You still want to raise her children!” Daisy widened her eyes full of satire. Didn’t Cora love him? This was the fact that Robert was most reluctant to admit. Even though Cora had already been cruel, there was still some hope in his heart.It’s all because of Daisy. If it wasn’t because of her, how could he divorce Cora? “No, she just wanted to know the news of the child!” Robert argued slyly, then grabbed Daisy’s wrist tightly.
  • “Please tell me where is the child?” His strength was great. Daisy’s wrist was painful and her face turned pale.However, Robert did not want to loosen her and did not notice her pain at all. “Robert, let go…” Daisy’s painful tears flowed out, but Robert still did not notice. Daisy was shocked to find that Cora had had such an impact on Robert.“Where’s the child?” Robert asked with hatred, cold in his eyes. “Hmm, Robert, I’ll tell you that it’s already too late for you to regret. Cora won’t love you anymore. You have got a divorce. She won’t have any feelings even if you do much for her.Daisy could not break free of Robert’s hand and bit fiercely. Robert was in pain, then he let go of her hand. Daisy’s curse echoed in his mind. It didn’t work even if he did much for her. In the eyes of Cora, he had become a reluctant past, and he would never want to get a little love from her.His heart suddenly felt terrible.
  • Some people left and are destined not to be together again. Their eyes collided, and both of them were angry. Robert gasped, seeing the wicked glow in Daisy’s eyes. He became more anxious.He knew that there was no news from Daisy, so he had to leave. However, he felt sorry for Cora. It was because he did not protect her properly that she was hurt again and again. He knew how.important that child was to her. But he believed what Daisy said and didn’t pay much attention to it, so it gave Daisy a chance. When he thought of this, Robert slapped him. Cora, I’m sorry: But no matter how much sorry he said, they were already divorced and she didn’t want to see him anymore.Robert walked out of the house, drove the car and did not know where to go, and finally stopped at the bar. Okay, maybe you’ll forget everything if you’re drunk? Thinking of this, Robert quickly walked into the bar. The lights in the bar flashed, and the men and women on the.stage was warmly dancing. Robert’s entry did not cause much sensation.
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