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Chapter 265 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -Daisy Had Already Been Crazy Cora was helpless. If she had been living in the hospital, she would definitely be fed to a big fat man by Austin Lancaster. “What about the other half?” Cora asked, the apple was already cut and could not be eaten for a long time. “You eat first, I’ll eat the rest…”Hearing his reply, Cora was a little helpless. This guy actually said that he would eat the rest of the food. She wanted to use a knife and cut it in half, but she was given far away the kAustin Lancaster byAustin Lancaster. “Cora, a knife is dangerous.” She was just holding a fruit knife.
  • What was dangerous? She was not Daisy. How could she hurt herself?When she thought of Daisy, her face could not help but sink.At that time, the child was full of blood. She could clearly see hi in the ambulance. Matthew shed a lot of blood and sge did not know how the child was now.“If you want to cut it, then cut it!” Seeing that Cora’s face was not so good, he immediately compromised. Cora saw him take the apple over, then cut it down and hand it over to her, then quickly took the knife.“I was almost killed by Daisy, not suicide. You don’t need to be careful like this,” she said. Austin Lancaster looked at her and said in a serious manner: “No matter what, it is the fruit knife that hurts you, so you should be careful with the fruit knife.”This theory made Cora want to cry and laugh, but in the end, he could only bite an apple bitterly and chew to release his dissatisfaction.
  • When Robert came in, she saw Cora’s expression. Her eyebrows were like a picture, unlike the memories of the past. At this moment, she was a little naughty and a little cute.“What are you doing here?” When he saw Robert’s appearance, Cora suddenly dropped. Then she realized that Robert’s face was filled with grief. She could not help but think of that child.“How is Matthew?” Cora asked willingly. No matter what Daisy didwrong, she shouldn’t take revenge on the child, so she hoped that child would survive well. When he heard Matthew, the pain in Robert’s eyes became more obvious. His voice was hoarse: “He didn’t help. He lost too much blood. He’s already … dead.” Cora was shocked. He died?How could such a young child really die? Such an outcome made her boast, but it was a pity.“Cora, I came over to apologize this time.I’ll apologize for the damage Daisy has done to you.”Obviously, Robert did not want to mention the child anymore. After all, the child was his own flesh and blood. However, what made his heart more painful was that at this moment, he did not know how to face Cora.
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