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Chapter 389 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Seeing that Corawanted to follow, Mary immediately disagreed. She had used this plan to hurt herself so that she could get along with Austin alone. If Cora followed, Mary would get nothing. "Cora, don't worry, I'm fine. Besides, there are so many doctors in the hospital.But Ann needs you very much. He was shocked just now, you should go and coax him." Mary said. At this moment, the sound of Ann's crying tightened Cora's heart. "Mary is right. Take care of Ann. I'll send her to the hospital." Of course, Austin also heard the crying and said to Gora. Cora no longer insisted.She returned to the room. She saw the car went far away.Somehow, she was still a little uncomfortable. "It's weird... the cup is obviously put inside. How could it be outside?" The nanny was confused when she picked the fragments up.
  • Cora was a little surprised to hear that. The cup had been moved? But she hadn't touched it herself. The babysitter wouldn't move. Ann wouldn't move. So this cup was actually movedby Mary? She recalled that Mary was getting closer to Ann and said that she wanted to play with Ann untit Annwas forced to the table. Her heart was panicking... Was this all the plan of Mary? Why did she do this? Could it be that she wanted to askAustinto accompany her? Cora was suddenly uncomfortable. She took out hercell phone and called Austin. She really wanted to say that this was Mary's trick, but she did not have evidence to prove it. Marywasinjured. If she testified like this, she would be more likely to be retorted by Mary. Cora?" Austin answered the phone and was puzzled to hearthat Corasaid nothing. "Well... 1 just called to ask what happened to Mary." Cora said.
  • "The scald has already been bandaged, but it might leave a scar on it!" When Austin said there would be a scar, he was depressed. He knew how much Mary cared about herbody. She likeddressing elegantly and detailed, but now that she had a scar on her back, she would be very sad. "Scar?" Corawas stunned for a moment. The hot water had been put asidefor a while. Was it really that hot? Or was Mary's skin so delicate? However, after hearing Austin's worries, Coradid not to say anything more. She just asked him to accompany Mary. A faint glimmer of light was in Mary's eyes when she saw Austin put down the phone and came in from outside. "Is that Cora calling?" She asked weakly in bed. "Yes..." Austin was not hiding. In the sub-consciousness, he hoped that Mary and Cora would get along very well. After all, one was his younger sister and the other was the woman he loved.
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