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Chapter 318 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -Begging Cora For Forgiveness “Cora, don’t be too sad. Since that’s Ann’s inevitable destination, then we should treat him well in his final time. This is the most important thing, isn’t it?” He didn’t want Cora to be sad, so he said so. “Mmm…” Cora nodded, but she could not control her emotions. She could only use her hands to cover her mouth, lest she be heard by Ann. “Mommy…” At this moment, Ann woke up. Cora wiped away her tears and look at Ann. “Ann, you’re awake. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?” Cora asked. Looking at the skinny Ann, Cora was heartache. But she could not do anything. The only thing she could do was to accompany him. Anyway, he was just a child. When he heard of something to eat, his eyes glowed.
  • “Yes, I want to eat…” Cora’s heart softened. She immediately took out the food that had already been prepared, picked up Ann, and then fed the food little by little into his mouth. “Cora, let me do this!” The better Cora treated Ann, the more uneasy his heart was. It was obvious that she had treated Ann as her own child. Could it be that she did not believe that Ann was Mary’s child? This sensation panicked Austin, but he did not reveal his feeling. After feeding Ann, Cora accompanied Ann until he slept again. Then she said that she wanted to go out. Hearing that Cora was willing to go qut, Austin had a strangeness flashed through his heart. Ever since she had known about Ann’s condition, she had always stayed by the side. But at this moment, she wanted to go out. Austin wondered what she was going to do. “Mmm, take care of yourself.” Pretending to be unaware of anything, Austin Lancaster nodded in agreement.
  • Cora did not leave the hospital. Instead, she went to the hospital’s appraisal department. After confirming that there were no other people around her, Cora came to the service window. “Hello, I want to check whether the two samples are a parent -child relationship.” When Austin was gone, she secretly took Ann’s hair for the test. “Come to get the report in two weeks.” Looking at the doctor’s receipt of the sample, Cora was very anxious to know the results immediately. Hearing the doctor said that it still took two weeks, her heart was slightly disappointed. “Can you hurry?” She wanted to confirm immediately. Ann’s condition was not optimistic. She didn’t want to delay it even one day. If she confirmed that Ann was her child, she could become Ann’s real mother earlier. “No, it will take two weeks to get the results.” The doctor’s answer made Cora’s heart sink, but there was nothing she could do. So she had to leave.
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