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Chapter 463 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • finally let go of the doubts in her heart At this moment, when she heard Corawas really pregnant, her attitude towards Cora instantly became much better. "Okay. I really want to thank Dr. Hills. I will take care of her properly." said Yilia.l Cora was a little cold. Where did Austin's mother take care of her, it was just for her children. I "Be careful after you go back. This is my number. If there's anything, just call me." Dr. Hills then gave her name card to Cora.l Corathanked her solemnly, and then left with her mother. I Yilia knew that her grandson was real. and her attitude towards Cora immediately returned to her previous kindness. She said diligently To eat more nourishing foods. "I When she saw the two of them coming out, she immediately greeted them. When she heard Ye's mother, she immediately rejected: "No need. I'll bring you a wish. "I Yilia's attitude was very indifferent, and her mother knew that she was angry because she suspected that Corawas not pregnant, so she felt a little weaker. I "How can the food outside be as clean as home? Besides, we are already prepared..."I However. Yilia hadn't finished speaking yet, and Yilia interrupted her: "I will take care of Cora and children. In the future, you will take care of yourself. I When Austin was finished, he took Cora and left, leaving Yilia to stand there and feel sulking.
  • Dr. Hills kept an eye on what was happening here, and when he saw that Austin had protectedCora, her face relaxed. I "It seems that your daughter is blessed than you, and she has found a man who loves her." Doctor Hills closed the room door and cut off everything outside. I After Austinpulled Cora out of the hospital, he did not go to the restaurant to eat.Instead, he returned to the house I When Yilia was at home. Yilia had never been to the kitchen personally, just to prevent Yilia's dissatisfaction. I "Mrs. Austin, did you chase her away?" Cora asked in surprise. IWith his mother's personality. it was impossible for her to leave on her own, so he had to let her leave here.I "Just let her go home, and this is our home." Austin said naturally. I Cora's heart was a little sweet. Austin was for her to drive Yilia back to the old house.I However, without Yilia, Cora was obviously much more comfortable. More importantly, she could get close to Ann. I Austin was soon cooked. As usual, it was taste that Coraliked. I Cora was happily eager to eat and his mood was exceptionally happy.
  • "Cora, are you full?" Austin asked I Cora was stunned. She looked at his two bowls of rice at Austin, so why did he ask if he was full?l "Of course, I'm full.and I'm already full." Cora answered his question directly.I "It's okay. I'll digest it later."I Exercise? Cora suddenly looked up. She finally knew what it meant to be Austin. I "No, your wounds aren't perfect yet." Coraimmediately refused. he wiping the potion for a few days.I However, once the strenuous exercise started, the crusted wound might have cracked. I "It's good to be careful." Austin continued. insisting on not giving up. "Speak again, you say it once every three days, but you can't avoid. "I Corablushed. SinceAustin married, he's transformed into someone like a pervert. She looked around with guilt, and the nanny had carried Ann back to the room, while Auntie was cleaning the garden. Fortunately, no one heard I "It's daytime now." Coraemphasizedand blushedwhen she did that kind of thing. I "Do you want to have a child?We can't miss the opportunity. "I Austin's words was too powerful, so he gritted his teeth and said. "Okay..."
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