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Chapter 402 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • AuntLee and Ann weremissing at the same time! Cora immediately dialed 110 to report the situation to the police. The policeman brought Cora to the Public Security Bureau, then said solemnly to Cora "Miss Cora, do you think the child will be carried by AuntLee?" Cora understood what the police meant and immediately shook herhead. "Impossible, AuntLee was the servant I invited back home. She hasalways been very good. How could she hold the child away without telling me.Something must happen to them, please helpme findtheir whereabouts." Ann was shy with strangers. Even if AuntLee wasstill by his side now, but hewokeup and realizedthat she wasgone, he would cry. Ann's health was weak. If hegot scared, he would definitely get sick again. However, he must not be able to get the treatment he deserved in the bad guy's hands, so it was a danger to find him a second later. "I beg you must find the child quickly..." Corasaid anxiously.
  • The policeman dispatched a police car to search, but Cora was still very uneasy in heart. Hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she still called Austin's phone number. He was the Chief, and would have more ways to find Ann. In the current situation, finding Ann was the most important thing, so she let go of her ill feeling. However, Austindid not answer it.Shemade a lot of calls, butitwas still turned off. Cora had no choice but to put down the phone and rush outside to find them. At the hospital, Maryhooked upa sinister smile on the corner of her mouth as she saw the content coming from the video. In the video, Cora looked like crazy to ask if they saw her child when met someone, but no one could give an answer. "Cora, then are you sad?" Mary hooked up the corner of her mouth, then took out another phone and called,"Send that woman and child out of New Orleans and pretend to be like that woman carrying her child away. It must not cause any doubt." After she put down the phone, the smile on the corner of Mary's mouth became even more sinister. Cora lost Ann, and she saw how she would explain to Austin.
  • She snatched Ann from his hands, but she lost Ann in less than a day. After Austin knew, she wondered if hewould forgive her! Mary thought that Austin was completely disappointed with Cora, and her mood was extremely beautiful. To When Austin turned on his phone after the meeting and found out that there were many missed calls, it was all Cora to call. He was nervous, andimmediately called back. Cora looked around the streets. When she met someone, sheasked, and herthroat was like smoking now. At the moment, when she saw the call from Austin, she immediately pressed the answer button. "Cora, you called me,what happened?" Hearing the voice of Austin, Cora'sheart suddenly shrunk. She lost Ann, so it was difficult for her to explain to Austin. She just carried Ann back yesterday and vowed that she would take good care of him. But only then, Ann was gone.
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