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Chapter 404 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • used her sister's identity to pull Austin away from her, and intentionally let Austin alienate her. The more Cora thought about it, the more she feltthat she had done it. Mary was obviously scalded. It was said that she would lose her life if it was severely infected. However, she saw her drinking coffee in the cafe. Mary definitely had a problem! Austinwas stunned while hearing Cora's words, then said to Cora, "Cora, Maryis still in the hospital. How could she do something toAnn?" Austin frowned. Although Mary was a little capricious and possessive to him, her nature was not bad. After all, with such a brother, she would not bad. "No... she was pretending. When I brought Ann to the mall, I saw that she was there too." The suspicion in Cora'sheart was gettingmore and moreserious. She must go to Mary to make it clear, and Ann's disappearance must be related to her. Apart from Mary, she really could not think of anyone else to do such a thing.
  • "Cora, don't get excited. Marywon't do anything to Ann." Austin pulled the excited Cora and wanted to explain to her that Mary wouldn't do such a thing. However, hewas thrown away by Cora. "Austin, Mary has always loved you. Doyou know that? She acted like your sister on the surface, but she always wanted to occupy you. She lookssimple, but her heart isvery scheming. I feel that she is aiming at me all the time." Cora was extremely anxious, so shedirectlysaid heranalysis at this moment. Apart from Mary, she could not have imagined anyone would do anything to her. Hearing Cora's words, Austin frowned even more, "Cora, this is impossible!" Mary was indeed scalded, so how could she come out casually and even make the kidnapping of Ann? "How impossible? Who else willdo such a thing besides her?" Corashouted angrily. Now that Ann was gone, Mary was the one who was most likely to commit the crime. She had to check Mary well. She was the only woman who would deal with her. Seeing that Austin was defending Mary, Corarushed out. "Cora, whereare you going?" Austin immediately followed. Cora was very excited. She had to find Mary to confront, otherwise her heart would not calm down at all.
  • Austin quickly pulled Cora, and his eyebrows tightened. When he saw thatCora was excited at the moment, he knew that if he did not let her look for Mary to confront, she would not calm down. "I'll take you to the hospital..." In the end, Austin chose to compromise: "Gei in the car first." Hearing what Austin said, Cora immediately lookedover and found the helplessness on Austin's face. Her heart was cold in Austin's heart, hedecided that Mary would not do such a thing. Hethought that she was just in a hurry of suspicion at this momentbecause of her anxiety, and even thought that what she was doing now was just nonsense. They did not say anything. After arriving at the hospital, Cora immediately rushed towards Mary's ward. When Cora broke into the ward, Mary was changing the medicine. Hearing that the door wasopened with a bany, Mary quickly looked over and found that it was Cora and Austin. When she saw Austin, there was a trace of shyness in her face. Since her clothes were untied when the medicine was applied, the spring was dawning at the moment. Austinimmediatelylooked away and turned his body elsewhere.
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