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Chapter 433 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "Oh my God, how can this happen? It's normal for amother-in-law to reprimand adaughter-in-law. How can you take revenge like this?"The woman looked shocked and said to Cora incredibly. I "I didn't!" Cora was shocked. She felt that her body was pushed just now before she fell to Yilia's side. I "Everyone see that you pushed Mrs. Lancaster down. Miss Cora, I didn't think you were such a person. Although Mrs. Lancaster is strict, it's all good for you. How can you do such a vicious thing without being grateful?"The woman said sharply, and lookedat Cora with strong accusations in her eyes. I At this moment, Mary lifted Austin up. and only saw her nervously shouting, but Yilia was already in a coma. I "How could there be such a woman, even frame her own mother-in-law!"I "It's just unfortunateto have such a move right after entering the door!"I "Too vicious. Mrs. Lancaster is so pathetic!"I Everyone blamed Cora.and the bad words were like a tide tocome hard to Cora.l Everyone decided that Cora was a wicked person. Because shecould not listen to the lessons of Yilia, she actually cruelly pushed Yiliadown the stairs.
  • Austin noticed the movement over here and rushed over immediately When hesaw that Yilia fainted on the floor a sharp lightflashed in his eyes and he asked. "What is going on?"I Someone immediately told Austin what happened and wanted him to throw away Cora.l Mary's eyes were full of tears, and sheimmediately said to Austin. "Austin, let's send the godmother to the hospital first. "I Marylookedvery worried at the moment She clutchedYilia's body tightly andher face was anxious. I Austin immediately stepped up and picked up hismother, and ran out quickly. I Cora also followed. Even though Yilia was targeting her, she did not want Yilia to be really in trouble. I "What are you doing here?" Mary said coldly as Corawas about to get into the car. I Cora was stunned in her heart, and Mary decided that she pushed Yilia downstairs when she said this. I Cora did not say anything, but sheonly looked at Austin. Did he also think that Yilia was pushed by her?I "Mary, this thing is not done by Cora. She's not that kind of person." Austin frowned and said firmly. I Yilia's rolling down the stairs at the wedding made his heart very worried, but at the same time, he did not have any doubts about Cora. Even if it was indeed Cora to do from the scene, he did not believe it.
  • I "Let's go to the hospital first!" Austin didn't say much, and directly asked Corato get into the car and then quickly went to the hospital.l Yilia was sent to the emergency room and did not come out after two hours. I Cora was a little cold in her heart. The reason why Yilia was lying in the hospital was that someone was calculating behind her. The one at that time was definitely pushed by someone andshefelt that there was a strong force coming from her waist, so she couldn't support her and fell to Yilia. I However, at that time, besides Mary, that was the mother and daughter next to her. I Therefore, the person who pushed her was most likely one of these three people When she thought about this, she looked at Mary. I Mary wanted to prevent her from marrying Austin. Today, seeing that they were really going to be husband and wife, would she be acting irrationally at the last minute?! However, when she looked at Mary, she realized that Mary was also looking at herself with a spitfire. I "Austin. I don't want to slander anyone.
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