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Chapter 262 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Daisy Want to Kill Her Looking at Cora, she could see that Daisy’s son was playing in the room. He was even cute, but this cuteness hurt her eyes. Daisy treated her son as a treasure, yet she and her son were separated. Not only that, she even wanted her life.When she thought about this, her eyes were even more hateful. Children were not wrong, but when she saw Daisy’s son, she could not help but have a lot of hatred. Seeing Cora’s gaze, Daisy’s eyes were a little frightened.“Cora, don’t try to beat my son’s idea.” Daisy wanted to close the door, blocking Cora.
  • Bút how did Cora want her to succeed? Of course, she wouldn’tstart with a child. Even if she wanted to retaliate in her heart, that was for Daisy. But it doesn’t mean that she would not threat her. No mother doesn’t care about her children. She is, so is Daisy. “Daisy, I’ll ask you again. Where did you get my son?” Cora stared at Daisy.Daisy’s body stiffened, her eyes guiltily flashed, then she raised her head and said fiercely, “I had already telling you about the child. Cora, you couldn’t find the child yourself. don’t blame me.” Hearing Daisy’s words, Cora took another step forward. “Daisy, you still want to lie tome now.
  • My child is not in Florida at all. Do you think I went to Florida and still don’t know anything?” Cora said as he stared at Daisy.Daisy was shocked, and a hint of guilt flashed through her eyes. She did not expect Cora’s life to be so big. She had already foundsomeone to deal with Cora, but not only had she not hurt her, she had even found out that she was lying to her. Cora had also seen Daisy’s guilt flash in his eyes, confirming her guess.“You’re really lying to me. The child is not in Florida.” Cora looked at Daisy with cold eyes and said, “And you actually hired someone to kill me and sell my organs?” The corner of Cora was covered with ice, and there was a chill in it.“Are you actually cheating on me?” Daisy suddenly reacted. She caught Cora’s plan and immediately denied it: “I didn’t hire someone to kill you.
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