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Chapter 469 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Cora hugged Austinlightly. She raised her head and saw that Austin looked at her eyes and said: "Austin, if I can safely give birth to a child.our family spent together and never separated. "I There was a huge joy in Austin's heart. Cora's words were like the bright sunshine. making his heart light up. I "Mother and son are sure to be safe." He did not dare to think about another outcome. His heart had only one belief that Cora she could give birth to a child safely. I In the living room at the moment, Mary and Yilia were talking. "Mother, actually, when I went to the Austin's house yesterday. I saw that Cora was with a sanitary napkin in her hand. I think she was just a pregnant woman. She should not have menstruation and why should she use a sanitary napkin?" Mary pretended to be confused I After she finished speaking, she saw Vilia's face change and she felt very excited I "No. I'm going to see!" Yilia's brows frowned and said worriedly I Mary immediately stopped and said with a troubled face, "Mother, don't worry: maybe this sanitary napkin is just what Cora would like to buy for others to use. I just feel a little weird. Don't be angry because of this little thing. ! "I However. Yilia's heart was only her grandson, so at this moment, she could not listen to anything else, but only wanted to make sure that the child in Cora was safe. I Austin's mother immediately went upstairs, and Mary followed.
  • Hearing the violent knock on the door outside. Austin of eyes sank and he walked over to open the door. I Yilia quickly walked into the room, her gaze locked onto Cora, and she asked in a low voice, "Is your stomach really okay?"I The corner of Cora flashed. What did Yilia know? Her eyes fell on Mary's face behind Yilia, and she saw a gloating expression on her face l It seemed that today was going to be a banquet Cora was cold.I "Of course, there's no problem, Mother, what are you doing?" Austin's tone was cold. Yilia's attitude towards Cora made him particularly dissatisfied, so he said directly to his mother: "If you don't welcome to come over, then we leave. We can't eat this great feast! "I Austin stood in front of Cora, and he looked coldly at Yilia.I "Austin, you..." Yilia's face was very hurt. her lips trembling violently. I "I said that bullying Cora was to bully me. If you didn't really invite us over to eat, then we'll leave."I Yilia's eyes were beating fiercely and she yelled out of control: "I'm just worried about my grandson Austin do you treat your mother with such an attitude?"
  • Yilia's mother was even more angry when she saw the coldness of Austin's face l Yilia walked over and snatched the bag of Cora At about the same time, she untied the bag and quickly dropped the contents on the ground I The crackling voice fell to the ground, and Cora tightened. I When she saw that the sanitary napkin had landed on the floor, Austin mother's face was even colder. I "Cora, how do you explain this?" Yilia's finger was on the sanitary napkin and her eyes were filled with anger. I "This... Cora... wouldn't your child be lost?" Mary pretended to be surprised. I Mary's words made Yilia even moreangry. She said strongly. "Cora, you immediately go to the hospital for an examination with me. I want to personally see the results of the examination."I Yilia's attitude was very harsh. One of her arms that wanted to hold on to Cora was avoided by Austin. I "Austin, this is our descendant of Austin Family Could it be that Vilia Family can't even know that children donger?" Vilto soid sharply T "end we've already been to the hospital and the child is okay" said Austin I However, Austin's mother did not believe it At this moment, she only wanted to pull Cora to check to be assured.
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