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Chapter 253 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Cora knew that she was too anxious, but her children were waiting for her. The child left her when she was born. She didn’t even know what the child looked like. Now that she was able to find her child, how could she not make her excited? “I’m sorry, Master, I’m just excited about meeting my son.” The driver saw Cora’s expression in the rearview mirror. He could not help but feel a little. He was outside and drove the car all the year round, and he rarely saw his son. He could not help but understand when he saw Cora’s expression.“Then sit tight. I’ll drive faster.” The driver stepped on the gas again and the car quickly headed towards Florida! It was already Austin Lancaster when she arrived in Florida. Cora frowned, but there was no way. She could only find the place that Daisy had said and plan to go over the next day. Finding a hotel not far from the village and staying, Cora could not sleep at all.The child was nearby. She was excitedly unable to close her eyes, but in order to find the child the next day, she tried to make herself fall asleep.
  • The next day before dawn, Cora woke up and quickly went out to look for the child. Because she had already stepped on it last Austin Lancaster, she went straight to the family that Daisy was talking about. She was standing in front of that house, from early morning until noon, but there was still no movement in the house. Cora was .anxious and quickly found a passing sister to ask. “Hello, Big Sister, is this family not home today?” Cora asked anxiously. She had finally been able to find out about this, but the child was not in front of her, which made her even more anxious. “You asked this family?” The elder sister looked at Cora suspiciously, with a look in her eyes. Cora’s heart tightened. He knew that this elder sister was .probably out of rejection of the foreigners, so she immediately said sincerely. “Yes, I’m a distant relative of this family. I came here today to visit, but I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t see them open the door.” Cora to compile a reason for himself. “Oh, it turns out to be a distant relative. This family has already moved out. You can’t wait for them to return.
  • Cora suddenly turned cold, but they had already moved?“Then do you know where they moved?” Cora asked. “I don’t know.” The elder sister left after she finished speaking. Only Cora to look at the house in front of her. She was late. Her tears flowed down. Where did you go, child?Cora stared blankly at the house, not knowing what to do. Tears were all over her cheeks, but she seemed to have no consciousness and did not know .how to wipe it. Child, where did you go? What should I do to find you? She walked frustratedly, without a destination, her eyes filled with confusion and pain. There was a van parked on the village road. This was the only road in the village that led to the outside. Cora that she did not feel any difference. Her sorrow made her not care about anything However, as she walked to the side of the van, she was suddenly dragged by a powerful force.
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