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Chapter 503 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Chapter 463 by another of like ilk.I -1 Cora was puzzled and frowned at the screen. I 'Don't misunderstand. I'm just afraid that because of some misunderstanding, you're not willing to come over to my engagement banquet, so I've specially invited you to come. Mary sent another WhatsApp message to explain that she's moved on with what had happened before. I Cora still frowned. Perhaps she felt that Mary was too motivated, so before Mary got married, she thought that she would not let her guard down. I "Since you're getting engaged, of course I'll come with Austin."I After Cora posted this WhatsApp message. Mary immediately returned with a smiley face, and then said that she had something else to do and hang up. I Mary was still in the hospital at the moment, and she was going to get engaged three days later. She also specially sent a message to invite Cora to the engagement ceremony Could it be too hasty?! Before Cora could come up with a reason. Austin had returned from the old house, and the gloomy look had not dissipated. I "What did Mrs. Lancaster say?" Cora asked. I Austin looked up at Cora. There was a faint flash of light in his eyes as he thought of Mrs. Lancaster's words. I "She didn't say anything. She asked me respect Mary's choices. "I He didn't tell the truth!!
  • Even though Austin had covered up something, but after so many days of being with him, his emotions could not hide away from Cora. At that moment, she immediately saw the difference. Her heart sank slightly. and her gloom surged up. I "Then do you plan to stop it?" Cora asked.I Austin's eyes became even more gloomy There's no way that he would let mary marry that man Even if Mary resents him in the future, he would want to stop this engagement ceremony I "Of course, I can't let Mary's life be ruined like this." Austin said in a firm tone, and after that, he picked up the phone. He wanted to use the resource at hand to deal with the Black Group.I He wanted to see if Adam Black would persist when the Black Group suffered a crisis.I Cora's worried. Even though he did treat Mary as a little sister, who would guarantee that Mary would not use his cares to do anything excessive.l She felt even stronger in her heart, but she still could not guess what Mary wanted to do.l ..... The next day. Adam Black nervously went to the ward and said. "The shares of the Black Group have plummeted. Austin was about to destroy the group. I Mary's expression did not change. She looked at Adam Black disdainfully and said. "What? There are only two days left. Can't you even hold on for two days? Adam Black, don't let me regret working with you.
  • "I Mary raised her beautiful fingernails and they were especially exquisite in the sun. I Adam Black's body stiffened. She actually looked down on him!! "Of course, two days isn't a problem. But I'm afraid that even if we're engaged, he'll want to tear us apart. Unless we get married directly. I won't worry."I When he said this, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes. Of course, he was not afraid abuot two days, and he was even more clear that as long as Mary was married him. not only did Austin wouldn't destroy the group. he would secretly help the Black's. This was definitely a great thing for his family and an even greater opportunity for him. I Mary looked up and looked at him sharply. She did not think that Adam Black actually had this plan I me."I "Nice try. You're not good enough for The reason why she chose to cooperate with Adam Black was because of his tactics towards women, and she wanted to use him to get some pity from Austin. I Adam Black had predicted that Mary would object. He had already prepared himself. His eyes flashed with the smell of evil.I "Then, we'd better to cancel the engagement. I don't have the courage to let Austin to destroy the Black Group. You've got the pity from Austin, but I don't dare to joke about the fate of my family "I Mary's gaze was sharp She looked coldly. She said. "I said I wouldn't let the Black Group suffer any loss.
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