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Chapter 522 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "Mary, it's a pity that you don't acting." Cora said sarcastically. I "Acting? I'll only act for one person!" Mary said, frowning. I "After all, the scene is just a scene. Even if you act well, there will be a day when it will be exposed. Especially for you. Mary, do you think that everything you do is traceless?"I Already on the day of her miscarriage, Cora let a detective agency to investigate the evidence. She let the detective set his sights on Mary, and she believed that soon Mary would be exposed. I "I'll fix you before that day arrives. then I'll climb onto Mrs. Austin's throne. Mary said with a smile, not ignoring the threat of Cora.l || "Cora, it's painful to lose a child? Such a young child would be bullied by all sorts of ghosts? They said that a child without a mother is like a grass. ... "Mary said insidiously.I "No more!" Cora said eagerly. I However, Mary did not care and continued to say. "If that child knows that you want him just to save his brother, will he hate him? Fighting in hell? "I As Mary said, Cora couldn't help it anymore. She took a cup from the side and smashed it at Mary fiercely. I "Ah..." Mary screamed. .I "Mary!" A silhouette quickly came to Mary and pulled her up to see if she was fine.l "I'm fine. It's all my fault. I can't speak and make Cora angry." Mary immediately changed her similing face. and said to Austin pitifully.
  • I "What are you doing here?" Austin frowned and looked at the ridicule in Cora's face.I "I ... I just wanted to explain the news to Cora. but Cora misunderstood It's okay. It's all my fault. "Mary's body trembled. I "Then... I'm leaving first. Austin, you should comfort Cora well, and don't let her be sad."I She wanted to walk faster, but almost fell to the ground I "Mary!" Austin immediately ran up nervously and wanted to send Mary back to the ward. I "I'm fine. You should take care of the mother and son!" Mary smiled and pretended to be very generous. I Austin looked back at Cora. Her face was cold and her eyes were closed. His throat tightened a little, but he still said to Cora. "I'll send Mary over and come back soon."I As he said, he let the nanny go in and guard. He helped Mary walk towards her ward. I "If you're okay. don't go there." On the way back, Austin said to Mary. I Mary's eyes flashed, then she pretended to be innocent and asked. "Why? Did she really misunderstand us?"I Austin shook his head and said. "No. she's just not feeling good. She's in a bad mood during this time, so she needs to rest for a while and doesn't want to be disturbed. "I Austin did not want to make Mary think too much, so he gave such an explanation. I "Oh, that's it!" Mary said, but she laughed in her heart. I She just wanted to make Cora fall into the abyss step by step. She just wanted to make Cora's explanations useless. She just wanted Cora to die in despair.
  • I When Carson rushed back to the hospital, he saw Yeo Feng and Mary leave, and his heart immediately became angry. What was Austin doing? Did he always bring uneasy women to bully Cora?I He walked to the ward with some anxiety. When he saw Cora, he became even more angry.I However, he did not show it. He was afraid that Cora would become even more unhappy. After all, Cora were weak now, and he did not want to say any of these things to her. I "I brought some chicken soup over. Do you wanna get a bowl while it's hot?"I Cora shook her head. She didn't have much appetite right now. In her heart. she thought about what Mary said. Mary was a sinister and vicious person, so those words would definitely not be just words.I She looked at the side of Ann, who did not wake up and seemed to have been sleeping. She asked the doctor. The doctor said that Ann's condition was not good. Ann's previous diagnosis had also said that she could live to three years old. but according to this state, she was afraid that Ann would not survive even three years old!! Cora said heartily. "If Annl could get better. I'd rather die myself!"I Carson was putting the incubator. When he heard Cora, his hands trembled His heart flashed with a pain.I "Cora, Ann will be fine."I Ann was Cora's tresure. If something happened to Ann, it was hard for Carson to imagine what Cora would do.l Can it?I There was despair in Cora eyes. Just now, she asked the doctor. The doctor said that Ann's body was getting worse. and he didn't even know if Ann could wake up!! Tears fell from the corner of her eyes. If Ann was gone, her heart would die I Carson immediately comforted: "Cora, don't be sad. Ann will be fine. Oh.. I've contacted many international top doctors and they'll come back tomorrow. I believe that with their medical skills. Ann must be Can be cured. "I A light flashed in Cora eyes. There was a hint of hope in her heart. "Thank you. Carson."I Carson shook his head. He didn't want Cora to be so unfamiliar with him. so he said. "If you really want to thank me. why don't you let me be Ann's godfather?"I Cora heared Carson's words, and she would agree. Not to mention that Carson had helped her a lot. If only Ann could be saved, then he would be Ann's savior. I "That's Ann's bless." Cora said willingly.I Cora's mood improved when she said that. Carson immediately unscrewed the incubator and served a bowl of chicken soup to Cora. "Be a healthy mother for Ann.
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