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Chapter 339 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • -Don't Press On Me Cora was a little surprised. Even she hadn't been on the battlefield, she knew how dangerous it would be. He did not say anything about it. "That's it," he said to Cora with a smile on his face. "You must have suffered a lot." He was still a child at thirteen years old. For the children at this age, they should enjoy life under the protection of their parents. Austin was silent, only to look at Cora with deep eyes. He did suffer a lot, but none of the hard times could match the sweetness that Cora gave him at this moment. With her concern, he felt that the whole world was warm. Cora raised her head and saw the affection in his eyes. At this moment, both of them did not move and quietly enjoyed the warmth. It wasn't until a long time later that Cora refreshed. "Ahh, it's already very late." Austin released his hand and Cora stood up. She seemed to say something. "It's better for you to go to bed and sleep!" Considering his height, Cora finally softened. "Then what about you?" When he heard Cora inviting himself to the bed, a light flashed in Austin's eyes. "I . . . I'll just sleep here," Cora said as she pointed to the sofa. 1000 "I'll sleep on the sofa then," Austin Lancaster said as he lay on the sofa.
  • When she saw the sofa wasn't big enough for Austin, Cora's heart tightened. How could it be comfortable to sleep like this? "Forget it, both you and I go to bed, okay." Cora compromised in the end, and let him sleep with herself. "But you shall stay properly, or you'll have to sleep on the sofa," Cora eagerly warned. Austin Lancaster smiled and nodded. It was already a step further and he was already very satisfied. Of course, he would stay properly. There was still room to do something else. Cora carried the blanket away on the sofa. Even though he slept on her bed, they shall use separated blankets just in case. When she saw how Cora tidied up the quilt, a light flashed through Austin's eyes. "Okay, it's time to sleep." Cora put the blankets on the bed and curled up in the bed. Austin also went to bed and quietly lay down. Cora was actually a little worried. After all, every time they slept on a bed, his wolf -like appearance had gone deep into her mind. "Good night, Cora," said Austin Lancaster.
  • Cora was indeed sleepy. Seeing that Austin didn't touch her, she fell asleep with confidence. Hearing the sound of breathing from the side, Austin Lancaster sneaked into Cora's blanket and carried her in his arms. The morning sun was shining in from outside, and when she woke up, she found out that it was already bright. She felt something on her waist. Cora looked over and found that Austin .Lancaster had his hand on her waist. What happened? How did he get into her blanket? What happened after she fell asleep? Cora felt her heart beat heartily. She quickly looked at the clothes on her body and realized that nothing had changed, so she was relieved. "Austin, get up." Cora tried to remove Austin's hands away, but she did not expect his hand to stick to her firmly. She could not remove it at all, so she had to wake him up. Austin slowly opened his eyes.
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