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Chapter 472 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • It was already several days since Cora was worried. The situation had worsened when Ann had just returned the other day. It was much better now, but it still happened occasionally. I Cora eagerly hoped to make Ann feel more secure when she held Ann in her arms I Austin was already out Cora had not yet been completely finished, and her stomach was still a little hurt, so she lay in bed and slept with Ann I Shortly after she fell asleep she felt a pair of cold eyes staring at her, and quickly opened her eyes to see that Mary was standing by the bed I She sat up in shock and coldly scolded Mary "Mary, this is not a place where you can come in "I This was her room with Austin Mary had walked in without anyone else and even when she was watching her sleep she felt horrified "Cora, it looks like that you're not very good either. You're so scared and pale." Mary called her exquisite fingernails and said to Cora with contempt. I Suddenly, the corner of her eyes crossed Ann's cheek, and the corner of her mouth started to grin. Before Cora to speak, Mary continued: "Ann is just three years old. You can't save his life. Cora.if Ann died, what would happen to you? "| It seemed that Mary was thinking something, and then her pupils lit up, as if she had suddenly thought of something. She continued. "The reason why Ann died was your fault. So he died, you should follow him. Take care of him when you die.right? "I When Mary said this, her beautiful face became extraordinarily mean. At this moment. it could not see any trace of beauty.
  • Cora was to feel that there was a demon standing in front of her and that she wanted her son and her life in a fist. Her heart was stunned just now. Her heart became extremely hard too I She looked closely at Ann while she was sleeping, then said coldly to Mary. "If you're done, give me out. This is not a place where you can step on."I "Not long before, this is my territory Cora, you just wait, and I will definitely make you look at me painfully after I'm with Austin." Mary said confidently. I Mary's words were insulting. It made Cora's anger rise to the extreme. She pointed to the door and said with a cold face. "You go out!"I However. Mary not only did not go out. but also walked very freely in front of Cora. I "Cora, if you said that if I announced that you were not pregnant. I wonder if there would be many people who scolded you for cheating?" Mary said casually. I Cora frowned. What did Mary mean? What did she find?I "Cora, don't pretend. I've found out that you're not pregnant!" Mary sneered.I She had already felt that there was A problem before. Cora, she had been drinking nothing at all? When he thought of the Sanitary napkin that Cora had wanted to buy the last time, the more she thought about it. the more she felt suspicious. I So she secretly entered Cora's room. Indeed, she could see the clue, because she found the sanitary napkin that she had used in the washroom. I How could a pregnant woman have menstruation?I Cora had not been stunned by Mary Since Mary had arrived in front of her, it would indicate that she was not quite sure that she was not pregnant. There was another possibility of using sanitary napkins, that was abortion.
  • "Pretend? You actually said that I pretend. if it weren't for the poisonous chicken soup you gave me, how could I have become like this? I'll tell you that if my child can't be saved. I must make you pay for my life!"I Mary had already confirmed that Cora she would not be pregnant at all. The reason that she came to look for was nothing. more than listening to her personally to admit it I Now that she saw how Cora hated her and knew that there was something wrong with the chicken soup, could it be thatshe did not have menstruation?I Cora was too real, and Mary's eyes flashed. She had already confirmed that Cora had no doubt, but now she was a little. confused I "Mary, if the child in my stomach is dead. I and my child will let you go We'll never let yougo." Cora said ruthlessly I The reason she said this was just to make Mary fear. If there were really children in the near future, then this warning would reduce that child's harm. I After a long time. Mary came back to her senses When she saw the pale face of Cora. her heart was uncertain.
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