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Chapter 441 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "Of course, if Miss Mary can accept going to the room to rest. Sir, do you want to?" Cora smiled kindly and said. I Who wouldn't act? Austin's eyes flashed, and when he saw Mary standing in front of the main bedroom. door, he had already guessed what had happened. I "Mary, it's already late. I'll send you home!"I this. I Mary's face turned pale when she heard "Okay!" But at this moment. Austin's appearance was cold. She did not dare to say anything.and she could only nod and go back. I Ann was already asleep, and at the end of Austin, he sent him to his room, then told Cora that he would sendMary away soon after returning. I Mary's heart was shocked again. She had even said that she was not feeling well, but Austin did not let her rest here, nor did he send her home in time. I Could he have discovered her purpose? This made Mary's heart panic!! On the way back. Mary carefully looked at the car that was driving, and found that his face was indifferent and no longer gentle to her.
  • "Austin, are you angry?" Mary whispered I Austin's eyes flashed and he said, "Mary Cora was already my wife I hope you can treat her like a family "I There was a strong sense of jealousy in Mary's eyes How could she treatCora as a family? Cora wanted to steal her position She could only wait to kill her. I "I see..." But at this moment. Mary's obedient appearance seemed to have really accepted Cora. She said. "Austin, you and Cora are so anxious. You should be trying to have a child to save Ann." "I When it came to giving birth, there was a concern inhiseyebrows. "Mmm..." Mary knew this too. There was no need for him to hide it I "It's good to have children. Why are you so sad. Austin?" Mary asked suspiciously! She was resentful about the fact that Austin and Cora wished to have a child, but she had done so much to not make Cora and Austin join together, so she wanted to change her strategy.! "The body that I wished for..."He suddenly thought of Cora's preparedness for Mary, and he suddenly stopped. I "Why didn't you say it?" Mary continued to ask. There was a flash of light in her eyes. What happened to Cora? Could it be that Cora's body was not suitable for pregnancy? Or...I "It's nothing, and things will get better." After a pause. Austin was quietly said. I After Mary arrived at home, the first thing she wanted to do was to investigate Cora's body.
  • Isn't Mother of the Austin's mother letting COraenter the door? If Cora wanted to not have children. Austin's mother would be even more dissatisfied with her I Very soon, Mary knew the result It turned out that Cora's body was so badand giving birth to a child was a life-threatening for her I"Cora, your body was not suitable for having children at first. If anything went wrong in the process, anyone would think that your body wouldn't work, right?" Mary's mouth hung up as if she had thought of something. I She had already thought of a way to not only let Cora's thought to die, but also to let that Ann die as well, so that she could completely make Cora disappear from Austin's world. I When Austin sent Mary home. Cora also went out. She went to the pharmacy to buy folic acid, and at the same time, bought a few pregnancy test sticks. Since she decided to get pregnant, she should prepare something accordingly I When she came out of the pharmacy, her head was a little dizzy, so she went to sit down and probably didn't sleep well last Austin, soshe had such symptoms I At this time, the call from Autsinwas called and asked. "Cora, where are you?"! Was Austin coming back so soon?
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