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Chapter 251 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • Daisy wouldn’t regret, would Cora was cold so she immediately picked up her phone and called Daisy: “Daisy, why aren’t you here?” When she heard Cora’s eager voice, Daisy’s hand paused slightly, then she laughed sarcastically: “Cora, what are you so anxious to do? Just wait!” Cora was anxious. How did she wait? “Daisy, don’t give me tricks. I’ll give you another ten minutes. If you don’t come, I’ll go over and look for you!” Without waiting for Daisy to answer, she hung up the phone. Daisy snorted and slowly got up from the makeup mirror, then twisted her waist and walked outside. Cora was anxious and looked.
  • at her watch. One minute, two minutes… ten minutes! Daisy had not yet come. Just as Cora got up, she saw that Daisy dressed up and walked in from outside. “You’re finally here!” Cora was not interested in her dress. She just wanted to know the whereabouts of the child. Daisy slowly walked forward, complacently feeling the gaze of the people around her towards her.Haha, it feels good to be looked up to by everyone. But then she thought that if she became the real Mrs. Grantham, she would be admired by everyone. It was Cora who made her unable to arrive at that position now! “Hmm, of course I’ll be here. I want to see if you can use the identity of Miss. Grantham to suppress me after your divorce!” Daisy said fiercely.
  • Even though she was not Mrs. Grantham now, she was still a woman living in the Grantham’s family and staying beside Robert. But Cora was nothing. This comparison made her feel very satisfactory. “I’m not interested in the identity of Miss. Grantham. Daisy, do you want to bully me with this? Isn’t your head squashed by the door?” Cora said coldly. If she couldn’t bear it, how could she have divorced Robert so easily? Apart from the child, she was not interested in anything.Daisy was stunned, apparently not expecting Cora to refute so sharply. The expression on her face changed again and again. In the end, she just only look at Cora with hatred. “I’m divorced with Robert, so you should honor your promise, too!” Cora said.ntil You Say Daisy looked at Cora that she disdained her and hated it. She wanted to be Mrs. Robert, and Cora did not care. What was even worse was that Robert had .fallen in love with Cora.
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