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Chapter 481 Mr Carson, A Charming Man

  • "I've packed my things. The ticket is just two hours later. I'm here to say goodbye." Mary finished, and her hot tears had fallen. I Mary was going abroad?I Cora did not believe anything. She saw Mary's dedication to Austin. She was afraid that today's appearance was just a mere calculation. She did this because of Paul's relationship.l "Mary, what nonsense are you talking about: you can't go abroad alone." Sure enough. Austin immediately stopped and his face disapproved.I Why can't I go abroad alone? You know, I don't want to see you unhappy because of me, so I decided to leave. "I Mary was saying that her departure was due to the suspicion of Cora, which was threatening. If she had really left, then Cora would be the culprit, and Austinwould be someone who did not know how to be grateful. I Cora looked at Mary's acting with a cold eye. This woman was really amazing. She knew that Austin had a promise to her brother so she used this to threaten him. I If she couldn't say anything at this moment, Mary would justify the reason that she left because of her. I "Mary, it's almost Qingming Festival. You keep saying that you miss your brother, why don't you leave after the worship?" Cora said.I Mary chose to leave at this moment. But how could a sister who really missed her brother leave when the Qing Ming Festival was coming?I Mary's face turned pale, even her eyes trembled.
  • "I think my brother will forgive me, but before I leave, can you accompany me to see my brother again?" Mary asked. I I can go with you to see Paul, but don't talk about leaving anymore. No one here wants you to leave." Austin's eyebrows tightened and he saw Mary's insistence on leaving His heart was very complicated I "But, I want you to accompany me alone" Mary looked at Cora, then continued to ask I Austin looked at Cora. She just nodded at him She saw through Mary's intentions that she just wanted to use her brother to make Austin unable to say anything. Definitely not to leave she was to eliminate Austin's suspicion. I "Cora, then wait for me at home. I'll accompany Mary to the cemetery."I As he watched the car drive away. Cora felt incredibly ironic.I Mary was playing tricks again, but she was really a deep person. She was just crying like this just now, but now she had covered up all her previous actions. They reached the grave of Paul, and after that, Austinwould have more guilty to Mary. I But let's take a look. Besides, since Mary was playing a family card, shewant to be with Austin and it was obviously a serious problem. I Moreover, as long as it was a deception. in the end, there would be a day when it was revealed. I On the way. Mary sat quietly in the passenger seat. She did not know what she was thinking, but her face was filled with sadness. I Austinlooked at Mary. There was a surprised expression on his face. Mary had always been a lively person in front of him. She got into the car and always said something, but she did not say anything today.I "Mary, what's wrong with you?" Austin asked with a worried tone.
  • Although Mary was wayward, she had never been so silent in front of him. At this moment. Mary's silence made his heart feel a little uncomfortable. He really treated her as a little sister. There was a trace of trance. I "Austin, you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine. I will be alone in the future. My heart is always a little empty." Mary had a strong look, but these words still revealed her inner worry I "Don't talk nonsense, you and me, how could it be alone? And I don't agree that you go abroad alone. You, a girl, stay at home. "I Even though he had promised Mary to come to Paul's grave, he did not agree to let Mary go abroad. He wanted to convince Mary to stay in front of Paul's grave. I He had promised that he would protect Mary. His status was sensitive and he could not easily go abroad. If Mary really went abroad, he could not guarantee Mary's safety. He did not want to lose faith to Paul. I "Actually. I've always been a human being. but I didn't realize it before. But now it's not too late. I've always treated you as my closest relative, so I don't want you to be unhappy because of my existence. Not happy. "I Mary's words made Austin's heart move. then he said to Mary: "Your existence will not make me unhappy.
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